She watched the day turn,
A soft sky, a promise of summer,
The evening stealing away idle hours.

Her laugh echoed,
It pained the emptiness
And those who watched
With whispered words.

She was never patient,
Bold in her grasp of life
In times when it would shadow her
But what is love if not a statement of courage.

Was it so?
Or was it just a moment’s breath
That left so many threads
To dangle and dance?

She closed her eyes
Longing for sleep
Without her mind’s betrayal,
The fractures of her past
And the half written page of tomorrow.

Night had finally drawn its curtain
When footsteps stopped at the door,
She rose, uncertain
Her heart with wings against her chest,
A message, a pardon?

He eyes no longer brimmed with tears,
But hope against the silhouette of death.

Copyright RMC August 2019


For free verse revolution

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