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Vague against my window The evening dallies As its colours smudge against the glass, To the flow of featureless traffic And a burnt sienna sky, Painting modern masterpieces In the shadow of abstract trees That we have no time to view Copyright © RMC April 2018


Daily Prompt Death disturbed his sleep Ever watchful in its reach And the threadbare curtains breathed their last To the breeze that roamed the street. Empty was his life On the pain of burnt out highs, Seen from a doorway against the rain, Forgetting that he’s alive. Time in overkill Using alcohol and pills, Then... Continue Reading →


Daily prompt - Song   Chapter 25 Chapter 26: Christ The Saviour Is Born Owen awoke to the coarse sound of unruly voices and a thick, choking, haze of cigarette smoke. He lifted his head from the slant of a wooden table sodden with the ringed dregs of spilled beer and the acidic bite of... Continue Reading →


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