Chapter 1 Chapter 2: Alles Echläft Einsam Wacht Owen kneaded his jacket and readjusted its position against the window. He pushed his head into the material and scowled slightly as he tried to get comfortable. "Where the hell are we going again?" He asked without opening his eyes. The SUV's tyres crunched along the surface... Continue Reading →


Extract from a novel I be writing: Concealed within this page was yet another small slim book with a rainbow on the front. He took it out from where it was lodged in the spine and opened a window to let some air in (this was his first mistake). He looked at the cover. How... Continue Reading →


There once was a curious troll Who really loved dancing on poles At a ripe old age The took to the stage Where his act was totally droll Copyright RMC Nov 2017


The cars flash by Bright against the tangerine sky My life goes past In clouds of questions never asked Trapped on the glass Endless dreams in a life of brass Honk if you see me Copyright RMC Nov 2017

The Riff

The Riff   The theatre smelt of plaster and age, the boards creaked with secrets past.  The audience sat in anticipation, they had come from all over, some in diamonds and pearls others modestly dressed.  It was invitation only and more than half a dozen strangers sat under subtle lighting on cheap plastic chairs.  No... Continue Reading →

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