Of Tears and Butterfly Wings

Tis once more round the field, my love
Where Odin’s crow cries inky black
To those lost deep in mourning’s hues
Seeking purpose upon the gathering of clouds.
Hush now, adventure lies
Where the blush of wild cherries grow
In the dabbled light and honeyed breeze
Of season’s change and summer’s joyous coat.
Waste no more tears upon the ground
But take life’s hand and in bold dance
Watch the painted ladies flicker, in ebony and fire
Their wings, so fragile, yet they dare to venture, undaunted
In both sun and shade and all of life’s fair miseries.
So live no more in grief and sorrow
Or broken hearts upon the dawn
Dry your wings against the prevailing of the sun and rise
For I am always near 

Copyright ©RMC June 2020

Picture Photo by Immortal Shots from Pexels


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