From The Sky

The water ripples, In a blink of dancing lights, No, not stars Not a lake Nor some soft country pond high with reeds But a puddle, Filling the worn concrete, Eroded by last night’s rain Finally after months of winter storms It creases against the traffic Folding surface patterns with endless vibration The rush hour … Continue reading From The Sky

The Night Club Door

We were young then In a burgeoning decade Painted and free Dancing In heels We were new then Born from mischief Butterflies amid the grey The overcast, the gloom Free A canvass without masks To say, this is us Look We are neither We are all Listen And for a moment they saw us And … Continue reading The Night Club Door


A mirage of a golden door A weathered flame Blistering Blind Gesturing in gathering hands And a Mother’s tears Astride From shore to shore Remembering The cry from silent lips In yearning breaths Of freedoms lost In this oasis green Copyright ©RMC May 2020


    There are phantoms in her head Dancing They are flowers of a different colour To those she grows at home Some are sunlight Some grow in shadow But they are shades of her Divided And she knows not the knife they wield When they lead her back to a second hand sofa And … Continue reading Shades


Smoke threads the air, Tendrils curling Captivating the screen. She breathes in, Slowly, Measured, Then out Through soft lips Glossed, Scarlet, Smouldering, Although the scene is played in black and white And the colour is just imagined. She takes the cigarette between her fingers, It’s not left to dwindle, Ash building, She Takes control, Boldly … Continue reading Icon

Copyright RMC August 2019


And so we grow, In winds bent back Against the storms And lightning strikes. Headlong, Rise up, Unfurl In splendour And well-lit grace Of Swift footsteps That forever change And twist In those brief sorrows Of untrained reach And growth in silent tears; That dry in hope And sunlight given. Copyright ©RMC May 2020


The foundations of his dying mind Bleeds muted on his control, He is fading, Ghosting between life and living In bored realities of grey and red. Crooked and bent he screams at wallpaper, Its pattern faded since the Seventies Where polyester was once king And childhood turned on a five pence piece. The TV flickers, … Continue reading Forgotten