Chapter 3


Chapter 4: Holder Knabe Im Lockigen Haar


Jack leant against the low ceiling beam that cut the small twin room in half. He watched in silence as Owen examined their youngest team member who was perched on a rustic iron bed. The room had a lingering smell of wet plaster and fresh paint that masked the tang from the antiseptic that the doctor had applied to a small cut to Ianto’s cheek.

Owen sighed puffing out his cheek. “Okay, you can do your shirt back up,” he instructed clearing away his kit.

Ianto slipped off the bed, causing a ripple in the rough cotton bedspread. Jack’s gaze was held briefly by the weak flush of sunlight radiating through the Welshman’s opened shirt as he pulled it around him.

Owen shouldered past the Captain. “Anything?” Jack asked turning his attention to the doctor.

“Apart from a baby scratch on his cheek, nope. Maybe we should leave him at the Hub next time. Fieldwork and tea-boys don’t mix.”

Jack turned his back on the room. “That’s your diagnosis?”

“Yep, unless you want second opinion?” Owen said with resolve as he pushed his way into the corridor.

Jack shook his head. “Good,” the doctor commented over his shoulder. He carried on to the girl’s room. “Hey, how come you get the biggest room?”

The Captain turned back to Ianto who was sat back on the bed. The young man’s focus was on the daub of mud spread across his overcoat. “What was it like, war?” He asked softly into the silence.

Jack considered his answer. “First or second?”

Ianto’s stare cut through the façade and plastic smile. “Like four years of Canary Wharf.”

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Chapter 5


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