The light was born upon the Eastern sky
Regal in its blessing of her flower
His touch dissolves in dancing rays that fly
To catch the mist of dreams that span this hour
Her summer’s youth, in autumn, starts to fade
Soft and ripe, the plumpness of her blush, as
The warmness of his glow explodes within
To kiss with season’s colours that will pass

And amber lips that kiss a promise made
In golden silence this last passion played

As both entwined with life will now begin

And while they court the phantom dragon creeps
In ever changing shades that silhouette
Stalking the day with opaque eyes that seep
And curdled breath that chills the air’s climate
A shapeless beast that drifts in shades of grey
Abandoned in its wanderings of despair
A lonely heart unhappy filled with pain
A fiery rage that snaps the doleful air

Until the light breaks through the sky’s soft clay
A saffron finger parts the clouds to pray

A blessing full of colour in the rain

Copyright RMC November 2017

Daily prompt

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