Dad’s Diary June 2009

Monday, 1st June 2009 – DI’S BIRTHDAY DI came down, gave him his birthday card. Weather still warm and sunny. Received a letter from Re thanking me for her card. Sat in the garden enjoying the weather while it lasts, nice. Watered the beans and roses, planted the new runner beans and some flower seeds. … Continue reading Dad’s Diary June 2009

Dad’s Diary April 2009

Wednesday, 1st April 2009 DI came down 08:30. I went up the town to buy some boiled ham and bread rolls. Later on, in the morning, we had a nice lunch with the Bakewell slices that DI bought down. The weather is still mild. Went to mow the lawns but decided to wait till Friday, … Continue reading Dad’s Diary April 2009


A poppy grows in hell Beside the bones of youth, lost A single splash of hope Against the chaos and unrest. The bent backs of trees, Wooden cenotaphs of untold stories, Await on silent prayers This winter of men to be done. In the silence of horizons far away, Broken dreams of home that can’t … Continue reading Poppy


Silent and rugged, The landscape claims those who falter, Not only the brave die here, Not only the flesh. A shroud of mist whispers, Settling in between each breath In the quiet, In the worst of times. As dawn breaks through the chill, He sees no colours in its spark Just the promise of death … Continue reading Circles


Chapter 24 Chapter 25: Heav'nly Hosts Sing Alleluia He was drifting, neither awake or asleep, dead or alive. He was aware of voices, hushed whispers, sharp and indistinguishable against the rush of blood pouring through his body. Invisible fingers ghosted through his hair, faltering in their caress, drawing him into the rich circle of existence. … Continue reading Angelystor

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Chapter 23 Chapter 24: Glories Stream From Heaven Afar Shells erupted across the sky grazing the heavens with fire and painting the sorrowful moon black. Their explosions ate up the night; great thunderclaps that slashed the earth and crushed the sanity of those huddled in the scarred clefts left by the destruction. Under this ragged … Continue reading Angelystor


Tenuous link to loophole  Chapter 20   Chapter 21: Sleep In Heavenly Peace 2 Ianto opened his eyes, waiting for consciousness to catch up. He was dazed and nauseous but the numbness the state offered was quickly evaporating. He was held fast, suspended above the ground, pain stabbing at his body from every angle. He … Continue reading Angelystor