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Sylvanwye extract

The Truth About Trolls (or Trolls are nice) To look at, I will admit, trolls are not the most attractive of creatures, they do tend to have rather large noses, an abundance of body hair (most noticeable on their hands and feet), beards (even the ladies) and tusks that protrude from their lower lip (a … Continue reading Sylvanwye extract


Chapter 29 Chapter 30: Epilogue Jesus, Lord, At Thy Birth They stood shoulder to shoulder, both silent, both reflective. The grey obelisk was white with snow, its steps undisturbed except for the spindly skip of bird prints left in an early tribute. The afternoon sun had revealed a down of grass against the bleached earth … Continue reading Angelystor


It's been a while but I thought I would finish this one off Chapter 26  Chapter 27: Son of God, Love's Pure Light The pain burnt through Ianto's body and yet there was something else, something in the shadows of his mind mocking and drawing pleasure from his suffering. He stifled another scream that brought … Continue reading Angelystor

The Fallen

Written for the Daily Word at TWOtW .  Prompt can be found here.   Come join in the fun! I am vanquished, yet all around the battle ensues.  The sky is alight with turmoil, a tempestuous monster, unleashed and damning all in spiteful rage.  Drums beat a resounding bravado, to wake the heavens, echoing upon the distant, … Continue reading The Fallen

Sylvanwye (extract)

Graham sighed looking off into the distance.  “I must admit I really connected with this one, I really thought I nailed his character.”  He took of his hat and cleaned the top with his sleeve. “At first,” he continued excitedly, “I was going to go for a stutter or maybe a facial tic but I … Continue reading Sylvanwye (extract)