This was his oasis. He wrapped his hands around the coffee cup pausing just a moment to watch the liquid roll around like a calming ocean of black.  He brought it to his lips, the heat teasing, the aroma sensual and provoking.  Heels clicked by the basement flat, shattering the moment, making him look up … Continue reading Oasis

Bus Tales #2 – Charity

Thanks to WoTW for this great prompt.  This piece start out so small and then grew and grew.  I hope you enjoy it.  😊   The bus moved slowly through traffic, the engine idling at the first set of lights. “Turn the bloody air con on, Drive,” came a call from the back, “bloody roasting in … Continue reading Bus Tales #2 – Charity

Love’s Match

Well, hello there. Oops, quickly now, be gentle with me, that’s it. Mmmm, oh yes, that feels nice, careful now, don’t blow me away. Put me down and I'll dance for you, yes lie me on the floor let me be yours, completely. That’s it, release me and I'll give you everything, my body, my … Continue reading Love’s Match


She looked through the window at her refection on the smudged glass, a reminder that others had sat in this seat before her. She didn’t recognise the woman staring back, she had become an empty soul, her life a weeping blister of hurt. The glass was cold, rain raced over the dim surface pooling at … Continue reading Roads