There are phantoms in her head Dancing They are flowers of a different colour To those she grows at home Some are sunlight Some grow in shadow But they are shades of her Divided And she knows not the knife they wield When they lead her back to a second hand sofa And … Continue reading Shades

Copyright RMC September 2018

Broken Boughs

I walk this journey far from grace Through the forests of my mind, A pathway full sentinels Watch footsteps left behind. In solitude there’s more reproach, In silence there’s more sound And heavy footsteps crush the path Upon this broken ground. And what of death and what of life, They’re shadows that I bear, They’re … Continue reading Broken Boughs


Daily Prompt Death disturbed his sleep Ever watchful in its reach And the threadbare curtains breathed their last To the breeze that roamed the street. Empty was his life On the pain of burnt out highs, Seen from a doorway against the rain, Forgetting that he’s alive. Time in overkill Using alcohol and pills, Then … Continue reading Crank


The ocean of her eyes, tears run Towards the setting of the sun, This girl, her mystery lies done Her life, her story yet unsung. Towards the setting of the sun, Lost, alone, she’s bleeding crimson, Her life, her story yet unsung, Crying for some absolution. Lost, alone, she’s bleeding crimson, Soundless thoughts that scream … Continue reading Unspun