Dad’s Diary June 2009

Monday, 1st June 2009 – DI’S BIRTHDAY DI came down, gave him his birthday card. Weather still warm and sunny. Received a letter from Re thanking me for her card. Sat in the garden enjoying the weather while it lasts, nice. Watered the beans and roses, planted the new runner beans and some flower seeds. … Continue reading Dad’s Diary June 2009

Woodbine Lizzie

Woodbine Lizzie Do you remember Woodbine Lizzie? In her many coats, heavy ‘ginst wind, Dark and moth eaten, most, And battered tram conductor’s hat Balanced on a ragged cloche That women of jazz age did not ‘leev 'ooam wiyaat’. Boots with heels, our father remembers, Pounding out cobbles Of city where she weathers each storm, … Continue reading Woodbine Lizzie