Pinky Blinder

A big thanks to Becky for this challenge and for her time. This image was always going to be my last post for this challenge #InthePink ~ 30 Image Copyright ©RMC September 2018

Pink Pig

#InthePink~27 Parenting 101 - Never ever buy an Easter egg with a face on. This little guy (and his friends Lamb and Chick) almost made it until Christmas! Unfortunately they had a little accident around November time and ended up as just pieces of chocolate.      

Remembering Pinky Moo Moo

#InthePink~22 Ah, Pinky Moo Moo Went the way of so many of your toys, Chewed with their stomach contents ripped out But he was your first With his happy little face And squeaky tummy And somewhere, in the drawer of many lost things We still have that squeaker So he is still with us So … Continue reading Remembering Pinky Moo Moo