Dad’s Diary June 2009

Monday, 1st June 2009 – DI’S BIRTHDAY DI came down, gave him his birthday card. Weather still warm and sunny. Received a letter from Re thanking me for her card. Sat in the garden enjoying the weather while it lasts, nice. Watered the beans and roses, planted the new runner beans and some flower seeds. … Continue reading Dad’s Diary June 2009

Dad’s Diary April 2009

Wednesday, 1st April 2009 DI came down 08:30. I went up the town to buy some boiled ham and bread rolls. Later on, in the morning, we had a nice lunch with the Bakewell slices that DI bought down. The weather is still mild. Went to mow the lawns but decided to wait till Friday, … Continue reading Dad’s Diary April 2009

February 2009

Dad’s Diary February 2009   Wednesday, 18th February 2009 My cold is still with me but I am taking Lemsips and this medicine seems to be working now! Weather is improving it’s a lot milder now. I should have gone with our R & R to Cheltenham but will have to postpone it ‘till later … Continue reading February 2009