Chapter 29: With The Dawn Of Redeeming Grace Ianto had nothing left as Agroná approached him. She was flickering, changing her appearance from young to old in a stretch and crumple of skin and bone. Something was affecting her hold on time and he hoped that Torchwood had something to do with it. Her body … Continue reading Angelystor


Chapter 27  Chapter 28: Radiant Beams From Thy Holy Face Jack fell hard against the frozen earth as the shredded gap of time expelled him back into the graveyard. Immediately he rolled onto his side dousing his coat in a thick layer of snow and vomited the hastily eaten Mars he'd digested five hours earlier. … Continue reading Angelystor


It's been a while but I thought I would finish this one off Chapter 26  Chapter 27: Son of God, Love's Pure Light The pain burnt through Ianto's body and yet there was something else, something in the shadows of his mind mocking and drawing pleasure from his suffering. He stifled another scream that brought … Continue reading Angelystor

Indicium Aquae

Big thanks to the fantastic 'The World' for a daily word prompt.  If you want to join in the fun clicky on the linky. Today's word is Consternation.  The moon is fat and ripe Dwarfed, I languish under her pale dream, Addled, perplexed, Waiting for the night to guide my confusion As my shadows fades in … Continue reading Indicium Aquae

Memento Mori

In the ash of the sombre morning A Magpie steals away, An undertaker, sable-clad Against the funeral of the day Mourning the empty sorrow of trees, Barren bones, rack and vex, The sky’s in her old crepe veil, Dead water no longer reflects. In the copse the shadow children play Games of their childhood rite, … Continue reading Memento Mori


Shhh, can you hear them, The creatures of my imagination, Stealing in on loneliness, sweeping in from the cold? As night’s tentacles beckons and darkness claws at your window Can you hear the tap, tap, tap, of hooks and talons and pincers? Shhh, listen in the quiet, shut your eyes, Can you hear your house … Continue reading Fear