Truth or Chance

Truth A play on a worldwide stage No longer a gamble, A chance, It’s a fabrication, Diluted, Written cheaply And spoken in silk Truth or Lies? The line is distorted, Malleable, A casual risk, Authenticated by strangers That gets easier in its retelling, Foolish lips that hunger for Truths in believable lies And the cost? … Continue reading Truth or Chance

Woodbine Lizzie

Woodbine Lizzie Do you remember Woodbine Lizzie? In her many coats, heavy ‘ginst wind, Dark and moth eaten, most, And battered tram conductor’s hat Balanced on a ragged cloche That women of jazz age did not ‘leev 'ooam wiyaat’. Boots with heels, our father remembers, Pounding out cobbles Of city where she weathers each storm, … Continue reading Woodbine Lizzie


Ah, where do I belong? Oh traitorous soul, In this page turning of self And loathing. Where made up words Fell mighty oaks In between the listless and the broken. Ah, where do I belong? Wanting more than empty boxes And fallow, vacant songs That can’t be sung. Their five minute rhymes Of paper thin … Continue reading Woven