Abstract Words

Let us talk not in colours but in words. The abstract of our minds making pictures we cannot hold, I am drowning at your side In a pool of friends, smiles and laughter That is as tissue paper on the wind, Tattered and ragged. The gild of this life is naught but a cage And … Continue reading Abstract Words

Seeking Human Kindness

I’m struggling in the light As the bridge throws its many shadows, Empty iron frame rattling in the wind That hurries around the trembling buildings Sodden from the rainfall Washing more grime into the blocked gutter. A bottle clatters with its tide Rolling through litter, Limp and damp Before it slams And drowns in shards … Continue reading Seeking Human Kindness


Silent and rugged, The landscape claims those who falter, Not only the brave die here, Not only the flesh. A shroud of mist whispers, Settling in between each breath In the quiet, In the worst of times. As dawn breaks through the chill, He sees no colours in its spark Just the promise of death … Continue reading Circles


Spartan lies my heart Under October’s limited glaze of glory unsung And my breath catches and holds in the air To mock me in cruel torment of emotion, I still breathe While timid, the morning chalks the sky in vanilla and soft cream But I see not these shades, I grasp upon the shapeless clouds … Continue reading Gravestone

Red Rose

“When he dies there will be miracles” But the candle drips time from my heart, The shadows retreat and attack to The wind, the wind that hides in the dark. An emptiness stalks and surrounds me, Tortured faces, I know, haunt my dreams, A passion lost with a friendly kiss: That was caught in the … Continue reading Red Rose

Coloured Threads

He walks through the tapestry of his mind Baroque colours of emotion laced in flight Memories wane, transparent and then fade Fashioned in squares from the death head’s long night. And the dull, ivory needle stitches in breaths In and out as this last story unfolds Embroidered and fasten with time’s silent hands That cut … Continue reading Coloured Threads