I caught the sweep of the morning As it gathered its light in the air I saw the traces of autumn In the shift of its graceful glare Copyright ©RMC October 2018 RDP


Spartan lies my heart Under October’s limited glaze of glory unsung And my breath catches and holds in the air To mock me in cruel torment of emotion, I still breathe While timid, the morning chalks the sky in vanilla and soft cream But I see not these shades, I grasp upon the shapeless clouds … Continue reading Gravestone


This was his oasis. He wrapped his hands around the coffee cup pausing just a moment to watch the liquid roll around like a calming ocean of black.  He brought it to his lips, the heat teasing, the aroma sensual and provoking.  Heels clicked by the basement flat, shattering the moment, making him look up … Continue reading Oasis