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Sylvanwye extract

The Truth About Trolls (or Trolls are nice) To look at, I will admit, trolls are not the most attractive of creatures, they do tend to have rather large noses, an abundance of body hair (most noticeable on their hands and feet), beards (even the ladies) and tusks that protrude from their lower lip (a … Continue reading Sylvanwye extract

Sylvanwye (extract)

RDP Friday: WEEK Now Ruby had been sat in the same place about a week or so ago and had witnessed a very strange event indeed - stranger than finding a cat in the pages of: ‘I Ain’t So Tough – Gangster Cats of the 1920s & 30s’. For two weeks ago, on a rainy … Continue reading Sylvanwye (extract)


Extract from a novel I be writing: Concealed within this page was yet another small slim book with a rainbow on the front. He took it out from where it was lodged in the spine and opened a window to let some air in (this was his first mistake). He looked at the cover. How … Continue reading Sylvanwye