She watched the day turn, A soft sky, a promise of summer, The evening stealing away idle hours. Her laugh echoed, It pained the emptiness And those who watched With whispered words. She was never patient, Bold in her grasp of life In times when it would shadow her But what is love if not … Continue reading Hope

Truth or Chance

Truth A play on a worldwide stage No longer a gamble, A chance, It’s a fabrication, Diluted, Written cheaply And spoken in silk Truth or Lies? The line is distorted, Malleable, A casual risk, Authenticated by strangers That gets easier in its retelling, Foolish lips that hunger for Truths in believable lies And the cost? … Continue reading Truth or Chance


A poppy grows in hell Beside the bones of youth, lost A single splash of hope Against the chaos and unrest. The bent backs of trees, Wooden cenotaphs of untold stories, Await on silent prayers This winter of men to be done. In the silence of horizons far away, Broken dreams of home that can’t … Continue reading Poppy

Broken by Hand

What heart, my love What bitter chill That breaks the blade To wish you ill The words that cut Brutal and sharp In unkind speak To split a heart And take you pleasure With joyous laugh Cracked and broken To know thy craft What heart in shade What frozen core Night-time looming For evermore. Copyright … Continue reading Broken by Hand


The rain falls as it always falls on unfinished tales No one noticing the shadows that stretch away from the long light Where once the dragons danced on the tongues of men and legends were born, No one misses them Or the rubbish discarded and uncomplicated In a testament to modern living, Plastic lingering forevermore … Continue reading Listen

Copyright RMC September


The moon defines us In our whispers, Forbidden. This boarded house, Papered in other people’s memories, Layered in time with graffiti, Is our haven against the outside, Against all that is so black and white And the rain that curses the broken window pane. Upstairs a tap still drips, Moments, heartbeats, seconds And we steal … Continue reading Shades