Oceans of Lies

We drift on a seascape full of fallen stars
Their barren light, our isolation.
We flirt with chance, you and I,
A great and worthy performance,
And lies, like the dark eternal depths,
Carry us, clutching at the loose sand
In a belief we are more than our false smiles.
Gravity threatens and pulls us apart
And we graze life’s bitter and imposing shards
In a criss-cross of unseen scars
That are bore bravely and without complaint
And grow hard with healing,
For tears are fruitless
And further no end
As we battle the furies of contempt in perpetuated
And long for a future
That knows no loneliness
And oceans of lies.

Copyright ©RMC October 2019


Free Verse Revolution – October writing prompt #1 – Oceans


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