So after a big breakfast, Biagio and myself headed out into the sunlight and off to the home of football.



Copyright RMC August 2019

A bear can dream



Then after a refreshing smoothie it was back on the tube for more sightseeing.


Off to Hamleys


Copyright RMC Aug 2019

Good job I’m not shiny

Copyright RMC Aug 2019

Watch out for the owls!!!


Lots to see and play with here but a bear has to keep moving so lunch at Covent Garden and a free show with street performer A J James.  What a fabulous chap, he made me chuckle all while doing great feats of escapology and balancing.


Now some arty shots


And our last point of call before we depart London’s fair city – the First Dates Restaurant (Paternoster Chop House).


Didn’t see Fred though.

Copyright ©RMC August 2019

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