Fibbing Friday

Okay, it’s been a while for any post, I’ve taken some time out but I thought I’d have a go at The Haunted Wordsmith’s Fibbing Friday found here.  It’s fun, have a go.

  1. Who are the Four Horsemen?

A new indie band.  Picture taken before Phil (on piano) was dropped due to musical differences (official reason)

(The real reason was the fact that his piano was too bloody difficult to get to all those gigs in scout halls and old people’s homes)

Image found here:-

  1. What happened on the Fourth of July?

The League of Feline Omnipotence (LoFO) began their bid for world domination by unleashing Iggles on an unsuspecting London.

Image found here:-

  1. What should you say after sneezing?

Jump up and down on one leg (sometimes called hopping) and say chicken, chicken.

  1. Who lived in the Dell?

This guy:-

Image found here:-

Goes by the name of Petro.  Has lived in the Dell now for 5 years and is on the lookout for a lovely lady to share his little piece of paradise in the rural English countryside.


Image found here:-

  1. What was in the wildwood?

The singing ringing tree.

  1. Why aren’t there four crosses on the road?

One was struck by lightning created from Mjolnir

  1. When was Benjamin Franklin president?

In the T.V. series the West Wing

  1. What were the American Founding Fathers thinking in 1776?

That it would be 162 years before the biro pen would be invented.

  1. Why was a boy named Sue?

After his Aunt Sue who was a famous mud wrestler.

  1. What was the wayward son supposed to be carrying?


  1. Who was the Baker’s Man?

A short lived Marvel comic about Tom Tom who ate a forbidden Muffin that was imbued with magic powers that left him able to shoot frosting from ducts in his wrist and bake bread at superfast speed.

  1. Who is Desperado?

A person who wees in the woods.

  1. Why does the Kookaburra sit in the old gum tree?

Because global warming has killed off all other trees.

  1. Where is Michael going in his boat?

To a better life away from the war torn city where he lives. 

  1. Where are you sending the children and why?

Into the woods to take Grandma some nice juicy apples.

  1. Why are you lighting a candle?

Because electricity has not been invented yet 


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