Dad’s Diary June 2009

Monday, 1st June 2009 – DI’S BIRTHDAY

DI came down, gave him his birthday card. Weather still warm and sunny. Received a letter from Re thanking me for her card. Sat in the garden enjoying the weather while it lasts, nice. Watered the beans and roses, planted the new runner beans and some flower seeds. ‘Still on the eye drops’.

Tuesday, 2nd June 2009

Weather still nice. Sat in the garden, “why the hell not!” Ran out of bread so I had to buy a loaf. Will have some beans on toast today, then later, will have Yorkshire Puddings, peas and chicken legs with rice, tonight, that will the last of the made up dinners that I made up earlier.

Went to the Legion meeting, no new members this time around, took back my tin of soup that I gave for the raffle, nice one.

Wednesday, 3rd June 2009

Weather still nice this morning. My eye is getting more settled now but will still wear my glasses when I go outdoors.

Thursday, 4th June 2009

Weather still mild with sunny spells although the wind is still cold at times. Cleaned the toilet and bathroom then had my dinner of fish & chips. I went for the fish from the Nippy Fish shop, the chips I cooked myself with peas, nice!

Sat out in the garden for a while, thought how it use to be, like a candle when it’s lit, all good things come to an end and mustn’t grumble, though, I have had my turn at the ship’s wheel and now it’s time to sail into the harbour and become a landlubber.

Friday, 5th June 2009

Weather good but a change is coming in the morning. Cleaned the house, upstairs and downstairs then went up the town, shopping. I missed DK too as he always comes to see me on Fridays from work. Watered the plants, will be glad to see a drop of rain soon, maybe tomorrow.

Saturday, 6th June 2009

Yes, the ‘swith of June’, it reminds me of when I was going to work in Leeds, all those years ago. I was on the afternoon shift, 2.10 – 1944, when I was a Bevin Boy working down the mines. I heard across the loud speakers, first as the bus was in the bus station, “today the allied forces have landed on the shores of France, operation Overlord has begun.” I felt very proud, then, to be a very small part of it.

Sunday, 7th June 2009

Weather not very good, with sunny spells and cold wind, a sign of rain, I’m afraid. Still on the eye drops, just three a day now. Went and placed some flower for V, cleaned the headstone and cut the grass around the grave. R is calling today, it’s now 15:00hrs, I don’t know how long she will be, will finish this off later, will have to put the kettle on.

Monday, 8th June 2009

Weather mild, sunny spells up to 16:00 then the wind has picked up, looks like rain is on the way, getting cloudy now. Planted some more bean plants, will have to keep an eye on the rest of the crop if I am to have a nice show of runner beans later on. Will be going to Brighton tomorrow with the R.B.L. starting at 08.00 from Elgin Lodge. Should be back around 2000hr as we have to leave before 4.00.

Tuesday, 9th June 2009

Weather cloudy but dry. Went to Brighton with RBL party, round about twenty people went. We set off from Elgin Lodge round about 8.00. We were moving along very well until we were halted by an accident, we were on the motorway at that time, around 10.20, it took us to 11.20 before we were moving normally. I think it must have been a bad accident as there were two pickup trucks and an ambulance there and of course police cars.

We arrived at Brighton at 1.00. I walked around the town for a while to try and find a fishing shop but there was so much traffic it made my head spin. So I went back to the pier and had some fish & chips and a beer and a nice ICE CREAM and sat down on a seat and finished it. We all got back on the bus at 4.45.

Oh, I went to see the deep sea show, I said to the chap how much is it for an OAP, he said at first 12.50, I thought I was not hearing right! I said, no thanks I’ll come back next year, then he said I’ll let you in for a tenner, no!! I said that’s still too much and walked away! Bloody gremlins.

I got back home at 08.30. Nice day out. We stopped for a break for ½ an hour each trip out and back in, it’s like writing a manuscript isn’t it!

P.S. When the man said 12.50 I should have said does that include a diving suit as well.

Wednesday, 10th June 2009

Weather sunny spells but rain later on in the day. Mowed the front lawn late in the afternoon then it started to rain so that was that for the day. Pl, next door, started to mend his fence, as I said, “he was waiting for the man to deliver the units.” He had to stop half way through the job as it started to rain. I gave him a little help, which didn’t amount to much on my part, like holding the unit while he secured the posts.

Thursday, 11th June 2009

Weather – lovely day, ‘I think it will be warm.’ Still on the eye drops, two a day now. The wind spoils the day as it is in the n/w. Cleaned the toilet and bathroom then I cut the grass on the back lawn. It looks nice now, ‘till next time. I am thinking about going on another trip to Weymouth on the 9th of July, it’s not as long in miles as Brighton, maybe a two hour journey.

Friday, 12th June 2009

Cleaning day today. Did the upstairs and downstairs, then did a bit of shopping. Bought an ornament of two boys playing conkers. It brought back memories when I used to use vinegar, we would soak the conkers in it, this would make them as hard as rock! Naughty. Never mind it was all in fun as kids, not like today, nobody likes to lose now. I wonder why? And we did not wear stupid glasses or gloves!

Saturday, 13th June 2009

Racing day today. Had a 10-1 winner and a 10-1 second, both each way. Got my money back plus a little extra, nice. Roll on Ascot next week, five days of racing, 1st class. Had a nice dinner, sausages and mashed potatoes with sweetcorn. Weather mild and dry and sunny. I must keep this diary up to date as I keep forgetting to write what has happened on the day and I have to fill it in with stupid remark phrases.

Sunday, 14th June 2009

Weather warm and sunny. Went to renew flowers on V’s grave and tidy the surrounds. Placed all the old flowers on the tip, watered the new ones and cleaned the headstone, came home, had a cup of tea. Then I went to Whitminster, left about 10.55, got to the Old Forge round 11.55. I had a beer and left about 12.15. It was a lovely day and I was glad that I found the will to go, I didn’t need much persuading anyway. I arrived home at 1.15, I had a shower, then went up to our DK’s. We then went down to the Anchor at Elmore where we were joined by our R and M and Re. We all had a good meal which we ate outside on the bank of the River Severn. After that we all said our farewells and went our different ways.

Monday, 15th June 2009

Weather good with sunny spells. I painted the new fence that Pl next door fixed. I did not do too much only one panel at a time, then I went indoors to make the dinner of pig’s liver and onions with sweetcorn. Later in the day I finished off the panel in the new fence.

Tuesday, 16th June 2009

Weather good, bright spell, the wind has dropped and is very pleasant in the shade. Royal Ascot has opened on the first day of the five day meeting. Will have a few bets and see if I can make a few winning ones. Placed my bets on for today but no luck, never mind there are four more days to go yet.

Wednesday, 17th June 2009

Weather is dull at present, may brighten up later. Will have to see about painting the fence again.

Thursday, 18th June 2009

Weather cloudy with sunny spells. Painted the panel on the fence, will have to see about cutting the lawns soon as the grass seems a bit long now. Cleaned the toilet and shower.

Friday, 19th June 2009

DK came down at tea time. Cleaning day today, upstairs and downstairs also the kitchen floor. Weather cloudy but dry. My runner beans are growing well, that’s the ones in the trays, I will have to plant them out later in the week.

Saturday, 20th June 2009

Weather brightening up now with sunny spells. Racing from Ascot, this is the last day of the meeting, not much luck when I came to check my bets later in the day. Never mind, it’s a good meeting and I had not a lot on my bets.

Sunday, 21st June 2009

Father’s day. I have been invited out to the Prince of Wales Hotel for a meal. R picked me up along with M & Re. DK was in the hotel when we arrived along with Ky.

We all sat down first in the bar then, when we had our drinks, we went into the dining room. I had some turkey and all the trimmings which were on the dinner table, it was very nice. Then I had a sweet, custard and apple pie. When we had all finished our meal we went back into the bar. I watched a boxing match on the telly.

We all left the hotel, I went back to R’s place, had some tea then we walked the dog, R, Re and me. After a while we came across a fair, Re and R went on the roundabout, then Re went down the slide later, they enjoyed themselves and later we left the fair and came back to R’s house. We all watched the motor racing then Dk and I said our goodbyes and came home.

Monday, 22nd June 2009

Weather good. Mowed the lawns, the front one first. After I watered the beans and roses then I went round with the strimmer, will have to go and get some more line! It’s a warm day today. Had a cup of tea after I had finished both lawns then I did a few clothes that I washed earlier and ironed them. I then planted out the beans I was growing in the bedding tray, by this time I wanted a cup of tea, so I made one and sat outside to drink it and had a nap, yes the tea was warm not hot when I woke up! I thought that’s bloody nice, I make a cup of tea, come out side to drink it then fall asleep! Nice.

Tuesday, 23rd June 2009

Weather-still-mild and dry. Went shopping today in Stroud, got some new line for my strimmer and then went across to Tescos. Came home right to my doorstep, so to speak, on the Dursley bus, lucky me! This time, had some tea then finished off the lawn edges with the strimmer.

Wednesday, 24th June 2009

Weather good with sunny spells. Off to Blooms this morning to see if I can get a rose bush, will fill in the rest when I get back.

I found one rose bush, it’s a pink tea rose, it should be nice to have it in the front garden. R rang, I said I was going to Blooms to buy a rose bush. I have been busy in the garden today tidying the lawns etc…. Will call it a day now!

Thursday, 25th June 2009

Weather fine with bright spells. Did a bit of shopping at the Co-op. After I cleaned the bathroom and toilet and painted the panel on the fence. Then I planted the rose bush that I got from Blooms, it’s a tea rose it should look nice when it blooms later on.

Friday, 26th June 2009

Weather, thunder and raining with dull skies but still mild. Will have to get off and do a bit of shopping etc…. DK called in as he does every Friday. We had a chat and a debate into how we would run the country if we could have the chance, well, for a week anyway.

Saturday, 27th June 2009

Weather warm and sunny spells. Wrote away for some flowers, they are for late planting, so I will have to watch for them germinating later on in the season. DI came to see me, he had just come back from his holidays. This time he went to Greece. He bought me a jar of honey which will go down very nicely.

Sunday, 28th June 2009

Bloody hot today. I’ve changed into my shorts a bit quick. Visited V’s and laid some fresh flowers on her grave then came home, had a cup of tea then went up to Whitminster. By the time I reached there I was thirsty, so I called into the hotel for a beer, The Old Forge, which I usually go to. They do not open ‘till twelve to serve drinks so that was that, three quid for a pint in the hotel, never mind, I will have to set off later next time.

I arrived back home, had a shower and a cup of tea then went up to see our DI play cricket calling in on our DK first. I asked him if he would take me home if it started to rain. I stayed with DK for a while then I went over to the club in the cricket ground, saw our DI and Vr, Vr & Jk were serving SANDWICHES! They gave me some cakes, they went down very well. After a while I left as it started to spot with rain. I had left my washing out so I did a hasty retreat back to DK’s who took me back home. All in all a good day out!

Monday, 29th June 2009

Weather raining now as I write but maybe better weather later on in the day. Turned out nice again now. Painted the fence again, nearly halfway round the garden. Will carry on painting until I’ve used up this large canister. Treated the runner beans with soapy water again, will keep on until I’ve drowned the buggers.

Tuesday, 30th June 2009

Weather dull and raining but still close. Cannot get on the fence job yet. I’ve done some ironing while this rain ‘keeps on’. Dinner time calls. I took V’s buggy out for a spin then charged it up again. Painted the fence!


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