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Dad’s Diary – March 2009

(Sunday) March the First

Not too bad weather wise, a bit colder, I thought. Went down to see V, the flowers were white ones in a pot and they came out lovely after I put them in water on Saturday. Went up to our DK’s, took him his birthday card it had a sailor’s lanyard on the inside also two schooners which stood out in a 3D effect.

Monday, 2nd March 2009

Weather not to bad today, dry with sunny spells. Rang the bus company to see about day trips. They said they would send a copy through with all the day trips, Bakers Dolphin Company. The other ones I have enquired about don’t seem to have what I want.

Tuesday, 3rd March 2009

Time is rolling on, soon be at Cheltenham Races, let’s hope it’s a good one. I have painted the bedroom floor. ‘well half of it’ anyways, the rest will have to be done tomorrow as I have to place the stair rail I had to affix yesterday so I could get the spare bed downstairs. I managed to get it downstairs then P, next door, gave me a hand to carry it outside. Weather no good with rain and wind, heavy rain in places.

Wednesday, 4th March 2009

Backache still with me from Tuesday. Not much doing today in the work section. Sleeping on and off in the chair. Went up the shop at the top of the street that’s all I could manage. I never thought I could be so useless, before this I had no trouble. Just goes to show a pain in the back will no doubt make a chump of you and remind you that things don’t stay the same forever! Never mind, eh life. Taking the tablets after you go to bed.

Thursday, 5th March 2009

Cleaning day today. Awkward writing in this book as the middle of the book keeps getting in the way, will have to keep going though! I don’t know what the hell the weather was like as I have missed several days owing to the ‘Cheltenham Festival’ so will have to fill in with odds and sods. Cleaned upstairs toilet and bathroom.

Friday, 6th March 2009

Cleaned downstairs also kitchen floor. Did a bit of shopping. While I was up the town I met Nick I don’t know his surname, he used to go to the British Legion meetings but has since given up. I think he goes to Swindon Train Sheds cleaning engines. He was telling me he is going to America to see his son. I kept wondering where the hell he got the money from. Anyway Nicky used to work on G W Railways, must like cleaning trains.

Saturday, 7th March 2009

Racing day round once more. The going was soft and heavy in places as all my horses did not act on this surface, “here’s mud in your eye,” the winners must have said. Bought some flowers for V will take them down the churchyard tomorrow.

Sunday, 8th March 2009

Went to take the flowers down to V. Weather not too bad as I recall. Will have to write to my sister, Kt it seems it getting harder for me to write anything these days. Will have to pull my socks up and get going again. Also the swimming, will have to make an effort to get going again and do my bit of exercise up and down the bath – that’s better now I’ve switched the light on.

Monday, 9th March 2009

Weather cloudy with rain showers. Looking forward to Cheltenham. Our DK is coming for me at 11:00 that gives us plenty of time to get settled down then we can have something to eat and drink before we set off for the racecourse proper and the first race.

Tuesday, 10th March 2009

DK came down at 11:00, to pick me up to go to the races. Weather not too bad at this time as it was raining earlier. Got to the racecourse at about 11:45. We had something to eat and drink then off we went up the hill to the course. After arriving we picked a place to meet in case we got separated. By this time the weather cleared and the sun made a brief appearance.

The first race I got a place at 5-1 so I got my money. As the day went on the rain came so we went and had some fish & chips. When we came out the café it had stopped raining. The big race of the day we didn’t have a winner between us. I had the winner back home as I had backed it Ante Post, nice, came in a 22-1. A good day out, came home at 4 o’clock.

Wednesday, 11th March 2009

Weather cloudy and cold. Went up the bookies to collect my winnings. Bought a few things at the Co-op, made my dinner and read the paper to try and pick some more winners at Cheltenham. DI came down, he did a Place Pot bet, I don’t think it did anything as I phoned him up to find out, better luck today DI!

Thursday, 12th March 2009

Weather dry but cloudy and cold. V’s birthday, will make an extra effort today as regards to flowers. Placed flowers on grave then gave the rest of the flowers a good watering. Clean headstone then went home after returning watering can.

Friday, 13th March 2009

DI came down, he suggested that V’s grave would be better with a proper flower vase. We went up to the garden centre at Whitminster. Bought a nice one in stone with a cross on the side and a remembrance on the other side. Went back down the churchyard, tided the grave then went back home. Weather cold with scattered showers.

Saturday, 14th March 2009

Racing at Uttoxeter, not much doing here so I will read a while then watch the racing later. Received my notification for a new fishing licence, will have to look into this later on in the week. Bought some flowers for V, will deliver them tomorrow when I go down the churchyard.

Sunday, 15th March 2009

Weather mild and sunny. Went down the churchyard then went with our R & Rs to Sainsbury’s. Came back home and unloaded the shopping, had a cup of tea and a teacake, then made dinner, meat and potato pie, spuds mashed, vegetables and to finish off tonight, rice pudding.

Monday, 16th March 2009

DI came down to see about painting the bathroom and down the stairs. We agreed to differ at some points but all in all I wanted the job done so DI will start the job tomorrow. The weather is good, mild with sunny spells, I hope this is a sign of better things to come later on.

Tuesday, 17th March 2009

DI started work today then he helped me in the garden. Little S came down as well only he didn’t look very well anyway he went home at 11:30 as his mother wanted to take him to see the doctor. I went up the town to go to the shops as I wanted a few things and by the time I got back DI had taken Little S home. He returned later to carry on the work.

Wednesday, 18th March 2009

DI is still working painting the shower room. Weather is still mild with sunny spells. I planted some flowers out in front of the small lawn. I gave them a good watering, waiting for the results now.

Thursday, 19th March 2009

Rubbish collection today. Put the bins out early as our DI is sure to come down early to finish off the shower room. Meanwhile I cleaned out my old shed ready for the odds and ends to be taken up to the rubbish dump. Went shopping to get something for our lunch. Weather a bit foggy this morning but cleared up later on. Pulled washing off the outside line ready to be ironed.

Friday, 20th March 2009

Paid water rates, then DI came down to finish off the shower room. We then went up the rubbish tip at Haresfield not before we had dinner at the Rose and Crown, nice. We then came back home, before that DI had to clean up the lawns at his place first. Oh, I forgot to mention we had ice cream up a Winstones on the common. DK came down later as he always does on a Friday. He asked me if I wanted to go down to the Ship at Ebley. I said Ok and off we went. We had a couple of pints then went on to our R’s, after we left and came home. All in all a good day out. Weather good for March.

Saturday, 21st March 2009

Weather mild with sunny spells. Racing at Newbury, Haydock, Longfield. Not a very good day at the races so they say, yes I think I know what they mean! Bought my lottery ticket, lucky dip this time around two numbers too, “hard luck for a gold watch take a bag of peanuts.”

Sunday, Mothers’ day 22nd

Took some flowers down to V, her resting place looks very tidy and bright with the flowers from the family. While I was down there, it was about 11:00am, there were many people down, tiding the graves and placing flowers.

Monday, 23rd March 2009 ‘Hot Pot Day Today’

Went up the town as our DI came to do a bit of plastering. Weather has turned cold again as March draws to a close, this week should be the last of the bad weather, let’s hope so. Anyway April showers are not as bad as the March winds. We shall see, watch this space.

Tuesday, 24th March 2009

DI started on the landing. Later went out for some more materials. I went up the shops to get something for our lunch. Weather is cold today with sunny spells, by the look of the sky I don’t think we will get any rain. I can smell the sausages cooking so I will close this line and have our lunch. DI finished his work at around 15:30, he will be back tomorrow.

Wednesday, 25th March 2009

DI came down started on the stairs, so I went up the shops and bought some sausages and bread rolls to make some hot dogs with. The weather has turned around as it’s windy and raining now. DI finished around 4:00. Cut the lawns back and front, looks good now.

Thursday, 26th March 2009

Weather still the same. DI is still working on the hall stairway after landing and downstairs hallway.

Friday, 27th March 2009

Work still progressing on the house. DI has started to paint the landing and door frames and doors. After he will paint down the stairs and into the hallway downstairs. Weather is getting cold now with showers looming round about. Will have to cut the grass again before it rains.

Saturday, 28th March 2009

Went up the town, did some shopping not forgetting to call in the bookies first. DI has started down the stairway. He will have to take one of the handrails off so that he can paint the walls right. I will have to put the rail by until I really need it later on. Weather is raining with scattered showers.

Sunday, 29th March 2009

Fine day today. Went and placed some flowers on V’s resting place then went to see our DK. Got up to DK’s but no cigar, he was out. I retraced my steps and walked down the hill, towards the new road, then I turned off at the Generation Station, walked up the footpath towards the Frome Bridge, then passed the paper bag works and over the canal bridge. Call in on V again for a few minutes then headed across the road and up the path way to the Co-op, then home for a cup of tea! R called and I also called my sister in Australia.

Monday, 30th March 2009

DI came down to start the job again. Worked hard today sanding down the doors and filling in the screw holes when taking the bannister down. Weather is warmer today. I went up the shops to get some oats and a tube of builder’s filler. DI left about 16.00hrs.

Tuesday 31st March 2009

Weather cloudy but mild. DI came down and start work on the house. Went up the town, bought some dark boot polish, used it to rub both doors down to see if I could bring them up to a decent standard. Looks better than they were. Had some chips and a custard slice to help the day along.

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Dad – Grado, Northern Italy

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