Sylvanwye (extract)

RDP Friday: WEEK

Now Ruby had been sat in the same place about a week or so ago and had witnessed a very strange event indeed – stranger than finding a cat in the pages of: ‘I Ain’t So Tough – Gangster Cats of the 1920s & 30s’.

For two weeks ago, on a rainy Saturday afternoon, a man had stepped out of the Mythica and Monstropedia Almanac (pocket edition) that had been left open on the floor.

Ruby had never seen this man before which was in its self strange as Ruby spent a lot of time in the library and knew most of its visitors.  The man was tall and bony thin, with sneaky little eyes that held too many secrets and a hooked nose for misdeeds.  His long, thinning hair hardly covered his head and was parted on one side in a greasy comb over and tied in a ponytail at the back.  This was not very attractive, Ruby had thought, because it made him look a tad sinister and ponytails, as any good book will tell you, are the fashion essential only of highwaymen and pirates.   He reminded her a little of her uncle Nelly, a man who refused to grow old no matter what nature threw at him and nature had a very good throwing arm.

Copyright ©RMC October 2018


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