Seeking Human Kindness

I’m struggling in the light
As the bridge throws its many shadows,
Empty iron frame rattling in the wind
That hurries around the trembling buildings
Sodden from the rainfall
Washing more grime into the blocked gutter.
A bottle clatters with its tide
Rolling through litter,
Limp and damp
Before it slams
And drowns in shards of dark green.
There is little warmth,
Little shelter in cardboard living,
Off the beaten track,
Under the causeway
Out of sight,
A law enforced nomad,
Obscure and faceless
In a city a dream away,
Ever changing and
Full of wealth.

I am struggling in the light,
I do not know how to use it,
How to be in the scowl of its disapproval.
I’ve done nothing wrong
But fall and get back up.

I was once a person too.

Copyright ©RMC October 2018

 #FOWC ~ Shelter

Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

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