Silent and rugged,
The landscape claims those who falter,
Not only the brave die here,
Not only the flesh.

A shroud of mist whispers,
Settling in between each breath
In the quiet,
In the worst of times.
As dawn breaks through the chill,
He sees no colours in its spark
Just the promise of death
And the shadows of those fallen.

Shaking, he hears only the voiceless
And the turn of the earth
And the bleed of the sky,
Breaking through each night,
In horror and dread,
For he is trapped in a moment without peace
As the world spins without him,
A world now beyond his grasp,
That offers only a blindfold and a bullet.

#RDP ~ Rugged

#RDP ~ Colour

#FOWC ~ Silent

Copyright ©RMC October 2018

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