Merlin’s Sight

Not really sure where this one came from…

There’s a dragon outside Poundworld now it’s closed
I saw it raise its head as I walked by
It was gnawing on the post that’s just been left
It saw me through its scaled and armoured eye.

I tried hard to look away and cross the road
As the demons spoke of fear to my mind
And the shadow people from the gutters rose
To eat dark thoughts of those who be unkind.

And all those who passed me by could see no truth
They thought my tongue was drunk and full of lies
For the bottles that I drank still swam with doubt
None could see where in reality bides.

I can see the shattered world through all its tricks
The hell that’s pouring through the devil’s lips
Those wretched souls who stumble on words of hate
The coats of monsters turned to the eclipse.

This dark madness you perceive that dons my cloak
And leaves me sleep upon the unclean street
Amid cider’s drift these phantoms haunt and vex
In life and dream I know not where they meet.

Copyright ©RMC September 2018

(VJ’s weekly Challenge is #16shadows)

Ragtag Community WoD: panoply

FOWC – Bottle

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