Ragtag Word Prompt ~ FATHOM.

Moonlight casts it shadow
Reflected on the lake
Its weightless glow shudders
As fathoms slowly wake

The pearl of Lillie pads
That float on inky black
Stir upon the water
As its dark mirror cracks

She rises from her grave
Searching for her love
The one that cost her dear
The one that shared her blood

Although the years have passed
Her beauty ghostly pale
She calls his name in curse
That echoes round the vale

And those of kin beware
Dwelling in the light
Who sit around the hearth
Upon this haunted night

For vengeance is her name
Spoken upon her death
Reaching beyond the lake
To treasure thy last breath

Copyright ©RMC September 2018
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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