The Mask of the Red Death

Not sure where this one came from…

FOWC – Abstain

Ragtag Daily Prompt’s Grubby

She felt grubby
As she turned away from the sun,
In a world of powder and pearls
She pulled at her dress and took off her heels.

This wasn’t charity,
This was gratitude with a price.

The man with the dollar signs,
Shuffles the cards
Bathed in the words of many
And believing in their lies,
He toasts his success in imported water
And deals face up.

The music plays
A tune that steals the light
And from the doorway
She holds up a mirror
To view the masquerade
And see the truth

A jaded dance
To bitter laughter,
A Tarot pack,
A suit full of holes
And darkness and decay.

She turns and walks away
Leaving her wine to turn to vinegar.

Copyright ©RMC September 2018

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