Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt:  Limerence

I watch.
I’ve always watched,
In the flickering light,
On the persuasion of your smile
Inviting me into your kaleidoscope.
Here we are angels,
Here we are dreams spoken, come to life
And my heart lifts,
For your words are mine alone
Spoken to a heart ready to love.
You take me,
Take me away to hopes beyond my reach,
Tears and laughter
That break on the monochrome streets,
Streets that are dashed with misery.
And you saw me too, in the half light,
Through the smoke of those between us
And we grew together,
You and I,
Through all the troubles that circled
You were there, always there
And now I wait,
Wait and watch the past,
In the flickering light
Until you come to me.

Copyright ©RMC June 2018
Image Pixabay

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