Indicium Aquae

Big thanks to the fantastic ‘The World’ for a daily word prompt.  If you want to join in the fun clicky on the linky.

Today’s word is Consternation.

 The moon is fat and ripe
Dwarfed, I languish under her pale dream,
Addled, perplexed,
Waiting for the night to guide my confusion
As my shadows fades in death.

Upon the cry of the night bird,
Who ghosts from branch to branch,
I call out a blessing
But the darkness swallows it whole.
I call out again,
This time an anguished plea against the water’s edge
But silence is all that greets me
And my voice breaks.

I reach out and touch the brooding air,
Fingers spread in the solemn breeze,
As it drifts and pivots through stone and leaves.
I follow in its distress, my footsteps silent, my head bowed.
Water trails in rivulets
Washing away my uneasy path
As if I had never been.

But here I am.


A sign swings back a forth,
Like a signal from the grave,
And merriment sings in ale
As good neighbours drown out the night
Or maybe it’s their sins they hope to mask,
For they wear the guise of righteousness well.

I turn and follow my heart,
Leaving my tears on the threshold,
For I know now the answer that is haunting my rest,
It lies, here, in a back room,
A scented candle to burn away the shame,
Dark and damp,
My child lies
Deemed innocence by drowning.

I kiss her softly as if in sleep
As if in fear of waking her
But this body will wake no more,
She will not walk in death.
And I,
I will have my revenge.


Copyright ©RMC May 2018.

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