Pretty Lies

Daily prompt

Don’t impede on my reality, man
Dash my dreams, crimp on my jam
I’ve inked my sleeve with years of blood
Tender marks that never judge
Fashioned from those bias, cruel lips
Words that blister, catch and strip
What’s left is flesh that has no use
Vulnerable, weak to life’s abuse
So don’t tell that gospel ‘cos it’s pretty lies
Shedding scars on drugged up highs
In that rough shit we ebb and drown
Sinking in the smiles of clowns
So let me live the way I can
Killing all this reality, man
Hold no mirror to my passing ghost
Close the curtains and let me coast
Out where all the colours drift
Somewhere, here, I’m never missed

Copyright ©RMC April 2018

A friend told me to just write. so today I did

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