Love’s Match

Well, hello there.

Oops, quickly now, be gentle with me, that’s it.

Mmmm, oh yes, that feels nice, careful now, don’t blow me away.

Put me down and I’ll dance for you, yes lie me on the floor let me be yours, completely.
That’s it, release me and I’ll give you everything, my body, my affection, my warmth; it’s such a cold night out, don’t you think?

That’s better, oh, I see now, you like to watch.

Then watch me.

Come a bit closer, sweetheart, don’t stand in the shadows, let me look upon your face, I want to see the desire, the passion burning in your soul. Can you see mine? Yes, I think you can. We’re two of a kind, you and I, twin souls, matched by fate.

You know you’re special, you’re my one and only.

Am I your first? No, I can tell by your eyes, you’ve done this before. Shall we touch, tonight, you and I, share our bodies, become one?

No, don’t step back, let me touch you, I feel so alone, so unloved.

That’s right, come closer, indulge me, I’ll do the rest.

Mmmm, your breath pleases and arouses me; do I do the same for you?

Will you kiss me now?

Ah, but we’ve kissed before, I see it now, your skin is alight with my kisses. Do they burn in your memory, do they still thrill you when you stroke their scars?

Let me caress you now, that’s it, reach out, feel the heat of my passion. I’m always here, just for you and I’ll be whatever you desire, your scarlet woman, your blazen hussy, your flaming red head.

See how I grow for you, step back a little.

Tell me is it hot in here or is it just me?

Satisfy me, beloved, I have an insatiable appetite, I can’t help it, it’s just my metabolism, I’m just so ravenous. Come, run into my arms let me cleanse you, let us share this night, this destiny, together. Love can be painful but think of the joy of our union. Feed me, feed me with your body and let my fingers melt your skin. Sacrifice yourself to me, you know I’m worth it.

Oh, I see my size frightens you, doesn’t it? Then turn away and let me work my magic.

How good it feels to stretch out, unchained, able to run with the wind, to breath, to exist.


Don’t go without a token of my affection, my undying devotion, my love.

Ha, I guess I’m just too hot for you to handle so run, run and hide. Did you really think to keep me, to tame me, to use me thus for your own pleasure, little man?

I am flesh of the sun, I am rebirth and you, you are nothing.

Look at me climb higher to laugh at the frigid moon and lick the night sky with my wanton embraces.

You fools who swam feebly at my feet to tie me down with aqua bonds, beware, for I am everywhere, feigning death, hiding behind closed doors, seek me there, if you’re brave enough, come let us meet eye-to-eye, face-to-face, you will be overcome with my beauty. In the silence of a moment let me catch my breath and show you a flash of inspiration fuelled by my anger. For I have no master, no equal, no fate, no conscience and I am nobody’s slave. I am forever light, my shadow is fatal and my footsteps black.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I have a heart, look into it if you dare. What do you see? Your beginning, your end? Life and death holding hands and partying? Or do you see your soul in me?

Mesmerising aren’t I?

Don’t look away.

Oh, but it’s getting harder to breath and I’m getting bored. You can only dazzle an audience for so long, dancing against the night sky, upstaging the glory of the stars, for they are me too and I am them.

My spirit is dampened.

It grows cold.

I grow old and weary.

I cannot cry, I will not cry for I’m not really gone. See what an incandescent epitaph I leave behind, a thousand and one fireflies for you to step upon, a road of ash.

Goodnight, beloved, until next time……….



Copyright ©RMC April 2018

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