Just write
But the blank page swallows me up,
Words, words and more words,
A never ending circle
Orbit like a kettle of vultures,
They make no sense,
No sense at all,
Spinning slipshod
Like an off-centred merry-go-round
With crazed horses
Biting and bending the light
As my mind makes mirrors
Into the grit of souls
And pearls of dreams
In the eyes of the dead.
Words, words and more words,
As nightmares rise and lick the day
Whispering in black and white noir
To the call of the death bird
With wings outspread.
Just write
And let the meaning come
In spells of webs and rhyme,
Phrases to dress a sow in silk
And open a blind man’s eyes
To the real world
Until the page is blank no more
And the words swallow me whole

Copyright ©RMC March 2018

Daily word prompt

Photo – Pexels

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