I Stir My Tea

The dominant hand grabs at the hours
I count the seconds
I stir my tea

I want to write you a masterpiece
But instead I will choose my words carefully.
You never have enough
I have too much.
I stir my tea

Your scarf is on the floor,
You knocked it off when you took your coat
You always did,
I didn’t pick it up
Left it for you
I stir my tea

I look at my phone,
Nothing but the weather,
Nothing but a good drying wind
I stir my tea,

An old cloth cat stares at me from the bookshelf.
I remember that Christmas,
I remember when it lost an eye
I remember when it came downstairs to sit upon the shelf.
I stir my tea.
Maybe I’ll move it,
Old memories,
New memories.
Different paths.

They say that giving birth isn’t easy,
I smile,
Letting go is harder still.


Copyright RMC Jan 2018

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