Hollow Eve

I ride the night on the tail of lore
Loose and lustful for mine and for more
Oh mirror so old, mirror so bright
Retort and reveal their hidden fright

Harmonious whispers cast in rhyme
More sonnets and songs for solstice time
To twist and to twitch the psychic pot
To cast men’s souls in evil’s stiff knot

You found me guilty for rumours sake
On herbal cures you did speculate
And wagging tongues to guide man’s blind hand
Distorts, deceives and misunderstands

Mournful black lace cannot hide my charm
Silver lustre my soul was embalmed
Given freely to improve my sight
Given freely on a moon lit night

So when darkness falls and all are me
Children feigning what they cannot be
Open the door for a trick or treat
It could be me in the mist you meet

Copyright © RMC Jan 2018


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